Joes Folly Kennel and Cattery

Our Family


Hi, my name is Coco but my nick name is belly flop, I am a chocolate Labrador. I was adopted via the RSPCA as the first canine member of the Joes Folly family.

Likes: Balls, daddy, going out, dressing up
Dislikes: Baths
Party trick: Picking ripe plums of the plum tree

Next up is my sister Jelly!


Hi my name is Jellybaby, I am a Jelly Shepherd (German Shepherd cross). I was found by the dog warden on the side of a road in a plastic bag. Now I am a happy member of the Joes Folly family.

Likes: Agility, sitting on chairs, herding my brothers and sisters
Dislikes: Thunder and fireworks
Party trick: Stealing a can of cat food and opening it


Hi, my name is Chester and my nickname is Chesney, I am an English Springer Spaniel. I was a naughty puppy, I chewed the new kitchen a little bit…(too much), so my last owner gave me up for adoption a week before Christmas. Joes Folly fell in love with me and gave me a new home, gave me obedience training and now I compete in obedience competitions across the South East and have a wall full of colourful rosettes.

Likes: Mummy, obedience training and competitions, stolen stolen
Dislikes: When Jelly pulls my ears, lates nights
Party trick: Helping mummy serve our dinner


Hi, my name is Rebel, my nickname is Rebsie, I am a Bichon Frisse. I was adopted by Joes Folly because my last owner was elderly and couldn’t look after me properly.

Likes: Cheese, yoga, sleeping next to Mini, being groomed and pampered
Dislikes: Having my teeth brushed and not being centre of attention
Party trick: Rolling around on the floor

Mini Lychee

Hi, my name is Mini Lychee, you can call me Min Min, I am a King Charles Spaniel. I am the youngest member of the Joes Folly family, I ran away from my last home with no identification or microchip, so now I have both a dog tag and a microchip to keep me safe!

Likes: Cuddles, cuddles and cuddles
Dislikes: Watching dogs on the tv
Party trick: Using the computer

Cookie and Jungle

Hi, we are a brother and sister cat duo. We were feral kitten taken in by Joes Folly and now spend our days watching the sunset over the lake…purrrrrhhhfectt!